Well, let’s have a look…

What do we do?

We’re an audience-oriented company. We want to whisk the people who watch our shows away around our hypothetical campfire, on a hypothetical summer’s evening, so we can tell them tales we made up because we didn’t have anything better to do.

Some of us like to think we’re storytellers. The others are in it for the sex, drugs and alcohol.

Our big goal right now is to bring our very first show as a company, “The Girl Who Loved Stalin”, to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2017. In the long term – we’d like to achieve the human colonisation of Mars through the medium of performance. But that’s a way away yet.

Where did we come from?

Our company is made up of alumni of the greatly successful “A Company of Fools”, a student theatre company from Winchester, England. Our city, Winchester, is a great place to be. It’s arty and not afraid to be different. As theatre makers we’re excited by performance that pushes us to our furthest corners and beyond. All of us are avid audience members of all kinds of shows, we’re probably best described as edgy theatre addicts looking for our next fix.

What philosophical musings do we occasionally spout?

I think what most draws me to theatre, in the sense of both watching and performing, is the ability to enter into something other.

– Livvie ‘Professional Philosopher’ Newman

Theatre has always been an amazing escape for me, it enables me to disappear into other characters and explore new and thrilling situations.


– Aditi ‘Dramatherapist’ Mohan

Performance is another means of distracting ourselves from the fact that we’re all seconds closer to the inescapable clasp of death.

– Jake ‘Cynical’ Mace

Why are you still reading this?

– Go do something better with your time.