The Girl Who Loved Stalin (2017)

“A rough guide to romancing, wining, dining and wooing a communist dictator – whether they’re the real thing or a curly-haired soldier with a self-esteem problem in a cheap costume. Four stories of unconventional romance in Soviet Russia. From a bawdy housewife to a sex-crazed German soldier, this is a coming of age story about loving your country – maybe a bit too much.”

The Girl Who Loved Stalin is an almighty hodgepodge of ideas that we’ve amassed from a script written by Jake. The
story is unique to say the least. Covering feminism, sexual oppression and Soviet authoritarianism – this play’s conception has been in development for over a year and finally came together in January 2017 with the founding of Campfire Stories Theatre Co.

We’ve been working on the show at home in Winchester but we’ll be taking it to the Edinburgh Fringe this August. Plenty of zany hijinks lie ahead, that is assured.


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